About Us

We’re just a group of friends talking about things we love- gaming! Our friendship started over the games that we shared a common enjoyment in, and we’ve been collaborating ever since.

The podcast is personal!

Over the years, we’ve always had strong opinions on the latest news and discussion that took place within the gaming and entertainment community, and we’ve always loved being able to share our thoughts and ideas with other people. Sticky Keys is simply a way for us to be able to express and share our thoughts, feelings, opinions, and most of all, funny stories, about our experiences with games, media, and entertainment in general!

Let's give you a quick pitch!

Our podcast seeks to serve as both comedic relief, while simultaneously providing you with news and fiery discussion in the gaming and entertainment industry. From Marvel to Minecraft, and Disney to Death Stranding, Sticky Keys has something for everyone! We hope that our podcast can help people sit back, relax, and enjoy good laughs on their way to school or work, at home, or, well...anywhere!

We hope you enjoy, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Patreon to get the latest news, sneak peaks, and announcements related to all things Sticky Keys!