A Gaming and Nonsense Podcast

Welcome to the Sticky Keys podcast!

Welcome to Sticky Keys! We're just a small group of friends who love to play games and talk to each other! Tune in to our podcast to hear us pretend to know a lot about video games as we blabber about everything from new releases to all-time favorites. Some rambling and life stories will also be sprinkled in between. New podcasts are uploaded every week!

When can you expect a new podcast?

At the moment, every member of the Sticky Keys Podcast is attending to educational aspirations! Expect that we will continue the post cast in some form, but going forward we don't know how consistent it will be! Doesn't mean you should stop tuning in, we still have 26 great podcasts to listen to!!

From Minecraft to Cyberpunk, getting ripped at the gym to lounging in bed all day, hear all about our lives and experiences. Listen in for a chance to learn about a great habit, experience, or piece of gaming content that might become your new fave!